Best Smart Locks Works With Google Home 2021

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Top Smart Locks Works With Google Home 2021

Locks play a very important role in our life. Nowadays everyone is concern about its privacy that may be on mobile or social media. There is big privacy in which we all want to secure privacy ours. Own place house, apartment or maybe a room.

Locks are the best covers of our privacy. There are many types of locks as we will not go into detail and short topic . 2 are the analog door lock and the digital door locks. Nowadays, everything is going smart so in this blog. We have covered all the possible smart locks that you can trust. Works with google! by google home by making your home smart and secure.

Our Top Pics


Schlage Z Wave
Nest x Yale Lock By Google
August Smart Lock


Dimensions - 4.5 x 5.1 x 9.2 inches

Weight - 3.8 pounds

Material - metal

Dimensions - 6.1 x 11.8 x 5.4 inches

Weight - 0.16 ounces

Material - Oil Rubbed Bronze

Dimensions - 1.6 x 2.6 x 4.8 inches

Weight - 13.9 ounces

Material - ABS Plastic


1. Schlage Z-Wave Connect Safe & Bold

Schlage-Z-Wave smartlock

Schlage Connect is the best door lock that has all you covered. It has the best security z wave function that you are connected to it. Forget the now it’s not a problem that Schlage connect to have the 30 access code option. To cover you and loves ones to come in the house.

You can also connect it to mobile to open it from there also break-free as it is connected to the deadbolts. That on the alarm and send you the notifications as you or friends every time enter the house. It is also compatible with google home so that whenever you forget the. Passcode or lost your mobile it will be there to open with your voice. It also comes in many styles and color that will pair your door.

2. Nest x Yale Lock By Google!

Nest x Yale Lock By Google

if you want your lock to work with google then. It is the best and perfect lock for you as it is officially made by the google company nest itself. So there is no worry about getting connected to the device.

It’s the best device as the nest and the yale a door lock making company made it. It doesn’t have any of the physical keys that can be used to tear it apart it has only a digital touch screen. It allows you to connect to mobile devices especially works well with the google based android devices

But you have to install the nest secure for some of the extra $ then it will not be a problem. If you have already installed the nest secure in your house. Then it should  be not a problem it can automatically open when you come home if your mobile has a keypad

There are some of the downsides of this lock that it doesn’t have any manual override system e.g key or special code if the battery dies then you can open it by attaching the 9v battery to the terminals given below to open the door.

3. The Old Changer August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

Last on my list is the best of the best lock. if you are an old thinker and don,t want to change the deadbolts of the door then this august smart lock is the best option to go. Applying this lock to your door will not change the feel of the door just make the necessary changes to become the smart door means that your door will look the same as old from the outside of the door.

After putting it you have to buy the august WIFI connect to connect it to your google home but not in vain at the end you will ultimately end buying the different costly door that doesn’t suit your mood so after connecting it to the google home you can easily open pr close the door by the google or google home

Final Words:

After discussing the best of the best I recommend that I will go with the Schlage Z because it is easy to install and doesn’t rely on any other security system to work.

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