DoorBird Review

When we talk about a quality doorbell, it means that we want to buy a doorbell that has the latest technology and is equipped with the latest features and it’s easy to use and most important of all it should provide good value for your money. Then the question arises, Which one is best? Where we can find such a doorbell? The answer is the DoorBird doorbell.

In the market, there are thousands of doorbells available, and choosing the right doorbell for your home is quite a tricky thing, Some doorbells have receivers, some have cameras installed on them.

Honest DoorBird Review

In my opinion, Doorbird has all the features that make it the number 1 bell on my list. A bell that has the most customizable features and excellent build quality. This bell also provides a remote door opening facility, Two-way talk, and metal housing.



Dimensions 11.6 x 3.5 x 12.4 inches

Weight - 1.85 pounds

Color - Silver



It is a bell that gives all the functionalities of a smart doorbell. It gives a tough competition to Ring, Nest & Skybell in terms of its design and features. 

It is a type of bell which will never let you down when someone visits your home because of its extraordinary features and design. This bell is an award-winning product that is manufactured in Germany.

Doorbird Doorbell:

doorbird Review

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Let’s begin with Doorbird Review

Installing a DoorBird

Installing is a very simple and effortless process. If your home is already wired then it would be much easier to install it.

You can also hire a professional electrician if you don’t know anything about setting up a doorbell and wiring process. All I am saying is that you should not be too bother while setting up a doorbell.

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When you have successfully installed and mounted a doorbell on the surface. The next step is to download and install the DoorBird app on your cell phone (App is available on both Android and IOS platforms).

What’s included in the DoorBird Box?

  1. A DoorBird
  2. A Video Door Station
  3. A Mounting Plate
  4. DIN Rain Power Supply sold range 2.8m.
  5. Lighting-Ring 12 Intelligent Infrared Power Supply Unit (110 LEDs, 240v)
  6. Screw Bag
  7. Quick Start integrated wireless Modules

Features of Doorbird:

Doorbird’s biggest drawback is that this bell can’t record a video. But DoorBird has lots of other features which add to the quality of this bell. It gives you the top video quality of 720p live video and a night vision system. This doorbell takes ultra HD pictures of the people who press the DoorBird button.




Audio Components

Night Vision

Audio Sreaming

Motion Sensor

Operating Conditions

Lighting Ring

Boorbell Button


Weather Resistant or not

Visitor History


Colors Offered


HDTV 720P, Dynamic (VGA-HDTV) 

High-end ultra wide angle Hemisphere Lens 90 Degree Vertical and 180 Degree Horizontal, IR Capable, Straigtened

Echo and noise canceller, Speaker and microphone

Yes, Automatic IR Curt Filter

Two Way

Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR)

20 to +40 Degree, Humidity 10 to 85 % RH

12 Intelligent Infrared LED's

Stainless Steel button with illuminated LED Ring

157 X 75 X  35MM (H X W X D)

Yes, Temperature resistant from 20 degrees to +40 degree, rainwater protection with IP54 Industry Standard 

Yes, Show log of 20 recent visitors




When we look at DoorBird’s design, it has a beautiful and unique design. It is made of a reinforced polycarbonate that has a stainless steel faceplate and button installed on it.

By installing a door bird, Your home will look more modern, smart, and secure. It provides good value for your money in terms of its design and features.

As I have discussed many good things about DoorBird but like any other product has its own Pros and Cons. So in this section, I will discuss some Pros and Cons of this amazing product.

Well, if these above-mentioned disadvantages aren’t something that annoys you, then Doorbird will definitely meet your expectations.

Safety and Security

Doorbird gives the safety you need, Gone are the days when you ask the name of the person standing outside the door. 

Now with the help of a door bird, you can easily see the snapshot of the person outside the door. DoorBird also has the feature of Live Video which can be seen on your Android or IOS device

Besides the snapshot, you can watch a live video with the iOS & Android app. By installing the app on your device you can easily keep an eye on your home from anywhere. This feature makes the DoorBird more secure and more protected.

More Interesting Features

Some more interesting features of this amazing Doorbell are mentioned below. As the DoorBird is equipped with the latest technology. So by reading this, you will understand more about it.

Contact up to 8 Mobile Devices

DoorBird can contact up to 8 cellphones when it detects someone at your door. This feature makes it much more powerful. If you have a landline in your home then you can also receive a call on your landline.

Vast Integration Options

As DoorBird has many commercial clients, they support integration with a wide range of technology. An open API means that third-party companies have all, which they need to create custom integrations for their products.

Provides Free Cloud Recording

It provides the feature of Free Cloud Recording. You don’t have to purchase its premium version unless you want to store this data for longer or use its advanced features.

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Final Words

We can now sum up the Doorbird Review and simply state that is a type of bell which promises you excellent features and provides you great protection and security.

Doorbird is a German-made product and it is famous for its high-quality, and also it’s an award-winning product. If you’re looking for a modern doorbell with the latest design and high-quality features, then Doorbird must be your #1 choice.

All in All, Doorbird is a modern doorbell that can attract you in seconds with its new & attractive features. Also, the cloud recording feature will be available soon in the DoorBird and it will become even more desirable.

It is undoubtedly an attractive and smart product. It can be a wonderful addition to your home. Don’t forget & feel free to tell us in the comment section below if this is useful for you or If you feel to add any addition to Doorbird Review.

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