Ring Vs Ring2 – Honest Review – Which one is Better?

Ring Vs Ring2 – Honest Review – Which one is Better?

The video doorbell contains the best features of a smart working home. They can make daily communication at your door feel more comfortable, secure, and fun. Being an expert, there are always questions about Ring vs Ring2 comparisons. 

The ring is one of the leading players among video doorbell companies. Its robust design meets the needs of many homeowners. For Ring products, the best and foremost Ring Video Doorbell 2, budget-friendly Ring Video Doorbell, is a good choice if you want your home fully secure and functional.

Ring Video Doorbell – Best Budget Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Vs Ring2 - Honest Review - Which one is Better? 

The ring is a well-made product, unlike the traditional doorbell. The surface of a doorbell is made of nickel and you can get it in four different colors. Measuring 4.9 by 2.4 by 0.8 inches (HWD), the upper part of the door metal is made of black plastic.

The doorbell itself looks like a quality product, if we do a comparison to other brands like Skybell and August Cam, the Ring is much better.

It looks great when installed and attracts a lot of attention.

Ring 2 Door Bell – Best Smart Security & Video Quality

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring 2 is not at all like the sound of the first generation bell. There are a few changes. For example, the Ring 2 is 5.05 inches long, 2.50-inch wide, and 1.08-inch wide, it’s almost more powerful than its previous generation.

Before you decide to buy a doorbell, be sure to measure the space closest to your door. You need to make sure the Ring 2 will fit there without any problems.

The Ring 2 package at the door includes two faceplates. You can change them whenever you want and it is a great advantage that you can change the color of the door metal without paying extra.

If it is compared to its predecessor, the design of the Ring 2 has improved. It really has great sound with a solid build. People who have moved from the first generation Ring to the new model are happy with the look of the Ring 2.

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Ring Vs Ring 2 Doorbell Comparison


Ring Video Doorbell 2


Ring 2 Door Bell



  • Smart design
  • Removable battery
  • Smart motion detection
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Ring Video Doorbell 2



Ring Video Doorbell



  • Extremely versatile
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Mounting tools included
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1. Camera and Performance

Once you have installed the Ring doorbell, it can only send notifications when someone is standing near your door. The installation of the doorbell with the Chime Pro and a wireless setup, which took about 10 minutes.

You can get notifications on your smartphone, on Chime (if you have set one), or both. Ring has worked really well but there have been some issues that have been making the headline.

Whenever anyone passes by it will trigger a built-in motion sensor, Ring will send a notification to your phone with the option of live streaming.

Rings records with 720p quality which is unpopular. If you will be  interested in knowing that how well the doorbell recorded, check out the following:

The image recorded by the ring doorbell was very blurry and images were made in pixels when someone came. That could be caused by a Wi-Fi connection because the same thing happened with the Ring 2-night vision.

Still, we were not impressed by Ring’s camera capabilities. The view of the black and white night was gloomy and the visitor’s face was invisible.

Ring 2 Door Bell

As soon as you open the Ring 2 door lock from the mobile app, it’s ready to operate. Ring 2 sends a notification when someone passes or presses a doorbell. You will receive a warning on your smartphone and Chime.

Compared to the previous generation ring video doorbell, the Ring 2 has a better motion detection system, 1080p HD Camera, improved battery life, and improved night vision. Two-way audio also seems to be a step forward.

Whenever you receive a notification on your smartphone, you have the option to start the live feed. If you do, there is the option of having a two-way conversation with your guest. It helps a lot when you are not at home and someone comes and leaves the packet.

2. Price

If you are on a budget and still want the Ring smart doorbell, the original Ring doorbell gives you the best price: $ 99. The Ring 1 costs half as much like the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and offers almost all the same features and benefits.

3. Features

Comparing the best doorbell camera means looking at the software and hardware behind each product. But comparing Ring doorbell models with similar features on the software side, we will focus on the physical differences between the two. We’ll touch on shared features over time.

4. Video quality

The Ring 2 streams also record 1080p HD sharp video quality, more than double the pixels in the original 720p HD video of Ring Video Doorbell. That makes Ring 2 even better for taking detailed videos, which is beneficial when planning to share a video with other people than just recording safety photos.

If you don’t care about video resolution, 720p HD video is good enough most of the time. You can save a little money with the low-quality Video Doorbell video and you may feel like you are hitting it too hard.

5. Field of View

While the video quality is the most significant difference between these smart metal doorbells, all the doorbell has a different viewing field. At 160 °, the Ring 2 has a smaller viewing area compared to the Ring 1’s 180 °. While Ring 1 can see a lot as compared to ring 2, you may not be able to see the difference between the two under normal circumstances.

Customization of Ring 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2 comes with two fixed figures to match the decoration of your home: satin nickel and Venetian bronze. The ring also sells black and white faceplates separately.

6. Size

The most obvious difference between Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Video Doorbell 2 is that Ring 2 is bigger than the original Ring. This difference in size is due to the fact that the Ring 2 has a modular design that allows you to change the battery and faceplate, something you would not do with the original Ring.

Apart from the few differences, we have mentioned, other features of these doorbell cameras- such as motion sensors, Wi-Fi connections, infrared night vision, and live video streaming – are similar and do not fit into our Ring comparisons compared to Ring 2.

7. Installation

Installing a video doorbell is easy. The Ring includes all the necessary input hardware, tools, and wiring adapters for both Ring Doorbell 2 and Ring Video Doorbell. You do not even need to bring your screwdriver because there is one in the box. The installation will take anywhere between five to 30 minutes, dependent on your ability level.

8. Ring app

The Ring Doorbell mobile app allows you to control every version of the Ring Video Doorbell and allows you to communicate with guests using two-way audio from your smartphone. You can also check old recordings from your Ring doorbell products and customize your devices’ sensitivity with motion detection locations.

A good reason to change the settings for getting Ring movements is to keep cars from waking up as they pass through your home, especially on a busy road.

Ring also has another portable app called Ring Neighbors, which is a neighborhood watch digital; you do not even need to own a Ring product in order to use the app.

This social networking app sends you video security alerts from your local doorbell rings. There are also warnings from local law enforcement agencies when meeting in your area.

Rings monitoring

You do not have to pay a fee to receive alerts or talk to visitors using your wireless Ring, but we recommend that you pay a precaution if you want to record and save videos in the future. Those clips will be helpful when you need to report robbers and suspicious activities to the police.

Compared to the competition, which usually offers between one and 30 days of video recording storage, Ring has a long video history available 60 full days. Best of all, Ring Protect Basic, the company’s cheaper plan, does this for $ 3 a month, or limits you to a single Ring door or security camera product.

Final Thoughts

Let’s summarize everything about Ring vs Ring2 comparison because Ring Video Doorbell 2 is improving in the construction of its older generation by capturing better video quality in 1080p HD. It is also easy to use in battery mode only because you can remove the battery for reloading and you do not have to remove the entire unit from the wall.

You should buy a ring video doorbell if you want to save money, we recommend the original Ring Video Doorbell.

Ring Video Doorbell may not have the latest technology like Ring 2, but it is not out of date by any means. Also, you can buy it for half the price. Better yet, you can get a second one for the back door if you need something you can spend another $ 100 on it.

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