SkyDoorbell Vs August Doorbell – Pros Cons & Verdict

SkyDoorbell Vs August Doorbell: Today, home security has become a major issue, and people are thinking about it. When we want to buy smart gadgets to make our homes work and make them safer and more intelligent, one of the first things that come to our mind is to buy a smart doorbell.

There are many video doorbells available in the market that may look profitable and promising but only a few are trusted.

Two of these door hinges are the August Doorbell Cam and Skybell 2.0 Doorbell. These two instruments are the best-selling products having the highest ratings on Amazon. On top of that, the August Doorbell Cam and Skybell 2.0 have some unique features that make them even more desirable.

The Skybell HD and the August Doorbell Cam are the top doorbells on the market. They have unique features, good shape, and long life. If you are looking for a quality doorbell, you should choose one of these. If we want automation and to protect our homes, buying a smart doorbell can be a good asset.

The smart steel doorbell is slowly evolving, and more advanced gadgets are available. There are hundreds of smart doorbells in the market, and, on top of that, most of them seem to make money.

However, only a few work really well. In this comparison article, we will be comparing the two smart doorbells you should buy.

These doorbells are Skybell HD, and the August Doorbell Cam. Skybell HD, and August Doorbell Cam are currently the best doorbells available in the market.

With their unique features, beautiful designs, and long life, there are no other products at this level.

Before we start comparing these doorbells, I would like to say a few words about them.

  1. Skybell HD is a product from another launch that focuses on the smart doorbell. Skybell is a well-known producer who, from day one, has been very competitive with Ring. Skybell 2.0 wasn’t a huge success, but Skybell HD is in a different league.
  2. The August Doorbell Cam is a beautiful doorbell and made by the smart-home giant August. August is known as Smart Locks and August Connect. August has decided to join a new market stream and launch an elaborate doorbell – the August Doorbell Cam.

Skybell HD vs. August Doorbell Pros Cons & Verdict


SkyBell SH02300SL HD WiFi Video Doorbell


Skybell HD


  • Smart design
  • Removable battery
  • Smart motion detection
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August Doorbell Cam:



August Doorbell Cam:



  • Extremely versatile
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Mounting tools included
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To make the comparison clear, we will focus on the most important features and compare and discuss them, so the strong and weak points in all three doorbells will be made clear.

We will discuss everything from doorbell packages to their features and capabilities. So let’s start with the basics:

Skybell HD:  

SkyBell SH02300SL HD WiFi Video Doorbell

Skybell HD is a wireless door handle. Skybell HD will need to be connected to cables used by your current device.

Explaining all the instruction step by step can waste the time , you can get all the information from the video posted by Skybell. It’s the right guide, and it explains the installation process in high detail.

If you need more guidance, Skybell HD doorbell offers a good user manual in its package. Like the Ring Pro, Skybell HD incorporates everything you need to install. It also comes in our list of Best Wireless Doorbells for everyone.

August Doorbell Cam:

August Doorbell Cam:

 August is also a wired doorbell. It should be installed like any other doorbell, but there are important details that you need to know.

The August Doorbell Cam has unusual dimensions (square). August wanted to build a unique doorbell. They have succeeded in this, but it comes with a problem as the August Doorbell Cam may not fit the space available.

Before you buy your own August Doorbell Cam, make sure you measure the available space for your doorbell. If it fits the August size, you can press the order button. If not, you will need to get another doorbell.

As for the installation process, there’s a good guide to the August website. Very good, and I’m sure it will also work as a video guide. You can check it out here: August Doorbell Cam Installation Guide.

When we compare certain features of this doorbell, we will give the winners one point. It’s a great way to keep track.

So, yes, these two doorbells, and installing them are very easy; but because of August’s weird size, we have to list Skybell HD as the winner.

2. Designs

Smart Door Doors are not cheap and with their investment smart home buyers will want something that enhances the visibility of their home. No one will want a doorbell that looks like it has naff looking doorbell especially if it is one of the first things visitors will see.

If you look at the August Doorbell Cam, and Skybell HD, they all look great.

This part of our article is based on personal preferences, but many things can be discussed.

Skybell HD:  we have said some good things about August Doorbell, and now it’s time to recommend Skybell HD. It is the second favorite device available in the market these days.

What I love about the design is that the company is very focused on improving the smallest details. With just a touch of it, you can see the quality of Skybell HD.

It is offered in two colors (either silver or black). A lot of people have talked about how beautiful Skybell HD looks at the door of their homes and that guests love to comment.

Frankly speaking, Skybell HD is a doorbell with a beautiful design, and it attracts a lot of good attention. Also, it will significantly enhance the look of your home.

August Doorbell Cam: August Doorbell Cam has a unique design. August has worked hard to make their doorbell unique. They succeeded and built one of the most beautiful-looking instruments.

The August Doorbell Cam can be purchased in two colors (black or silver) and, unlike traditional door handles, August is shaped like a square. Owners of the August Doorbell Cam reported that their guests would like to recommend it.

3. Camera

One of the main reasons why people buy a smart doorbell is a camera. The camera needs to be of the highest quality because our safety depends very much on it.

Monitoring outdoor activity, having a good camera is essential. Skybell HD, August Doorbell Cam, and Ring Video Doorbell Pro have HD cameras, and all take quality photos and videos.

It is still important to know which of them is superior and that they offer features to record any type of perquisites.

Let’s take a look at what these doorbells can offer and find out which of them is taking the highest quality photos and videos.

Skybell HD:  Skybell HD also has a 1080p HD camera and picks up a very good shot. Yes, it is better than the Ring Pro and the August Doorbell Cam. Skybell HD has taken the camera game to next level, and in addition to its excellent capabilities, Skybell HD has also introduced cloud storage for free.

Let’s take a look at the photos taken with the Skybell HD camera. Videos and images taken by Skybell HD are almost perfect. Additionally, Skybell HD has a zoom feature (using the desired video, you can zoom in or out while talking to someone).

We also need to talk about Skybell HD night vision. Unlike other doorbells, Skybell HD has a smart system, and you don’t have to adjust the camera day and night.

Skybell HD has a 180-degree viewing field and, judging from the image, the angle is quite wide, and the whole area is visible.

August Doorbell Cam: The August Doorbell Cam has a really nice camera. August Doorbell has a 960p HD camera and takes great pictures.

The only downside of August Doorbell is that it can’t record videos because August Doorbell doesn’t maintain cloud recording.

So the only way we can test the video quality is to use the desired live stream. In short, the quality of photos and videos is very acceptable. Also, it will not be long before August to introduce a feature of cloud recording.

Courtesy of 9TO5MAC

The August Doorbell Cam has a 120-degree viewing field. As you can see in the picture posted, the angle is shorter, and there are some blind spots.

If you have a large yard, August Doorbell will not be able to monitor the entire area. Other things can be missed, for example, a burglar takes advantage of this thing you can be get robbed without noticing it.

4. Motion Sensor

Like the camera, the motion sensor is an important factor in your safety. If we think deeply about it, it can be taken as the most important aspect of safety.

Here’s why: Â The motion detection system alerts us when outsourcing is detected. A motion sensor may alert us if someone is standing next to our door or alerts us when someone tries to break into our house.

For example, if we are out of the country and someone is trying to get into your home , a motion sensor will let you know, and you can use the desired video stream to see who’s there and scare them.

The smart doorbell needs to have a system for getting advanced movement. Skybell HD have a motion detection system, and it is very advanced.

Unfortunately, the August Doorbell Cam does not have it, but the company has promised to launch it soon.

Skybell HD:  Skybell HD also has a very good motion sensor. It’s not as good as the Ring, but it works very well.

Skybell HD has three levels of sensitivity, and if the doorbell sends a lot of false alarms, you can simply change the sensitivity level from top to bottom.

In short, Skybell HD has a great system for finding motion. It is not perfect, but it is progressive. Some consumers have reported problems with it, but overall there are more satisfied customers than unhappy ones.

August Doorbell Cam: Currently, the August Doorbell Cam has no plans to detect movement, but the company has promised to introduce this feature soon.

They have to do this because the smart door handle that has no movement sensor has no worth today. We have already mentioned that one of the main reasons why people buy smart doorbells is for safety purposes. If August Doorbell is unable to offer it, many customers will look for alternatives.

5. Integration

Another important point of our review is to find out if these doorbells can be integrated with other smart gadgets.

Most people have a variety of smart gadgets, and almost everyone wants to connect them. Let’s see what products our door hinges support.

Skybell HD: Skybell HD supports and can be integrated with more products than Ring Pro. Skybell HD can be paired with Nest security cameras and smoke alarms. Also, it can work with well-known smart lock manufacturers such as Lokitron, Kevo, Lockstate, and Kisi. On top of that, Skybell HD supports IFTTT, and that’s an enormous advantage.

August Doorbell Cam: The August Door Bell is very friendly and can be paired with August Smart Locks, August Keypad, and August Connect. In addition, August supports Nest’s integration with Harmony’s home programs.

6. Application

These two discussed doorbells have their own mobile applications. We need them to receive notifications, answer door calls, talk to guests, review photos, and many other things besides that.

Let’s talk in more detail about the apps and find out which door device has the most advanced mobile application.

Skybell HD: Skybell HD has a great mobile application. Skybell HD has a dedicated app, and it’s different from Skybell 2.0’s.

The Skybell HD app lets you do things like: change image quality (480p, 720p (good), 720p (best), and 1080p), combine your doorbell with Nest, IFTTT, and Kevo, to manage Several Skybell HD devices, to update activity from the last 7 days, change the color of the LED and alteration the sensitivity levels of your moving sensors (you can turn it off again).

But the app has some problems, and it doesn’t work as smoothly as the Ring app. There are glitches, and it can make some improvement.

August Doorbell Cam: August Doorbell has a great mobile application that gives you a lot of liberty. You can control your August Doorbell, August Keypad, August Connect, and August Smart Locks. You can also pair these products (if you already have other August products) and make your home safer and smarter.

You can use the August app to do the following: manage several August devices, give your family members access to Smart Locks, and integrate them with Nest Cameras, Thermostats and other popular smart products; you can review all activity, use the video you want to communicate with your guests and receive notifications when, for example, your doorbell is offline.


It is a difficult decision to make because these two doorbells have something that makes them desirable. Skybell HD has some great products, but it’s very common to find dissatisfied customers.

As for the August Doorbell Cam, it can’t be compatible with Ring Pro and Skybell HD. It’s a good doorbell, but it doesn’t have the most important features, movement sensor, and cloud recording. If August introduces these features, it will be tested again.

The only thing Skybell HD has is the free feature of cloud recording and excellent camera capabilities. That’s pretty much all we can do in Skybell HD features. the,  Skybell HD supports IFTTT.

As for the August Doorbell Cam, my favorite thing is that August can be integrated with other company products. That’s great if you already own August products.

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