Best Smart Locks for Outdoor Gates 2021 [Works with Alexa]


Technology to increase comfort is now called “smart.” They touched almost all spheres of life. In the shops or homes, you can find smart kettles, multicookers, light bulbs, and even door smart locks. Smart Locks for Outdoor Gates have made our life smart.

Best Smart Locks for Outdoor Gates 2021 [Works with Alexa]

About them will be discussed in the article. Special attention is paid to this topic because the safety and security of your property depend on the quality and reliability of the smart lock, and possibly personal safety.

Smart Locks for Outdoor Gates come in various designs and as an independent device and as a superstructure above the usual mechanical lock.

Our Top Picks:


Z wave Dana Lock Image 1
August Smart Lock Image
KeyWe Smartlock


Product Name - Z-wave Danalock

Dimensions - 2.8 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

Weight - 1.2 Pounds

Product Name - Lockly Secure Pro 

Dimensions - 7.8 x 2.9 x 7.2 inches

Weight - 5 Pounds

Product Name - August Smart Lock

Dimensions - 3.4 x 3.4 x 2.2 inches

Weight - 13.9 ounces

Product Name - KeyWe Smart Lock

Dimensions - 2.4 x 1 x 7.1 inches

Weight - 3.9 pounds

Product Name - OkidoKeys Classic Smart Lock

Dimensions - 16 x 7 x 3 inches

Weight - 3.06 Pounds

Product Name - Prodigy SmartLock 

Dimensions - 13.5 x 11.5 x 3.4 inches

Weight - 7.59 pounds

Product Name - Schlage Nickle Sense Smart Lock

Dimensions - 5 x 3 x 1 inches

Weight - 3.4 Pounds

Product Name - Yale Assure Smart Lock

Dimensions - 6 x 6 x 14 inches

Weight - 3 Pounds

Product Name - Samsung SHS-H705-FMK           Biometric Lock

Dimensions - 32.01 x 29.53 x 125.2 inches

Weight - 8.08 Pounds


So let’s get started without further ado…

1. Z-wave Dana Smart Lock

Z-wave Dana Image

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Z-wave Dana is one of the best smart locks that fits most doors. It works in conjunction with a Z-wave controller or Z-wave gateway, besides they are compatible with the Fibaro Home Center 2 and Home Center lite controllers.

In addition to the lock, Z-wave’s smart home system includes a number of products, for example, the Fibaro Home Center common controller interacts with all connected consumer electronics and sensors.

This Lock can be controlled both remotely via the Internet and from a smartphone. It, in fact, is a computer that is built on an Intel Atom processor. It is installed instead of the core of the old lock, the mechanism remains the same.

2. Lockly Secure Pro

Lockly Secure Pro

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This is the world’s most advanced, secured, Fast, accurate smart lock having 3D fingerprint recognition and PIN Genie. Lockley’s advanced 3D biometric fingerprint sensor holds up to 99 fingers and operates using actual fingerprints compared to optical touch readers.

The secure Touchscreen-PIN Genie keypad makes it difficult for anyone to see or guess your access code. The technology named peep-proof used in this smart lock that rotates your access code after every use will assure the impossibility to steal. It has the functionality of auto-lock after the pre-determined timeframe. It has Long-lasting battery reliable for up to 1 year.

The security feature will temporarily disable the keypad after multiple failed attempts. The lock is available in  Satin Nickel, Venetian Bronze, and Matte Black.

Open your door using the built-in 3D fingerprint sensor. Unlike other smart locks, Lockly uses only high-quality capacitive fingerprint sensors that detect only fingerprints and Store up to 99 different fingerprints.

You can close and open your home, office all from your iOS or Android smartphone with a secure Bluetooth or WiFi connection anywhere in the world. It does Include two security backup keys for peace of mind.

Copyrighted PIN Genie technology makes it difficult to guess your access code even if someone is looking at it illegally.

If you are looking for Best Wireless Doorbell Reviews then we have listed our Top 12 Wireless Doorbell Products that you can buy for your home.

3. August Smart Lock 

August Smart Lock Image

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August smart lock, which is the complement of your old castle. What is the advantage of this approach?

The fact that you can use it in temporary housing and in rented space, while you do not need to call specialists, it is installed instead of the inside of the lock using a Philips-like screwdriver like Philips in just a couple of minutes. Its price is 200 dollars.

The smart lock works on 4-finger AA batteries and communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 protocols.

There is an interesting function – the lock will notify you with a message to the smartphone that the batteries will soon be exhausted. The fact that the lock continues to work, as before, and it can be opened with an ordinary key is an absolute advantage of this model.

The manufacturer offers a number of additions to the smart lock:

August Doorbell cam – literally, translated as “doorbell camera”. This is a videophone, and its cost is also 200 dollars.

August Smart Keypad – keyboard, can be used to open the lock. Worth 79 dollars.

August Smart Connect – needed to access a smart lock via the Internet. This is a Wi-fi-bridge, worth 79 dollars.

4. KeyWe Smart Lock

KeyWe Smartlock

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This model is a smart replacement for the old lock. Its estimated cost of 120 -150 dollars, is currently available only for pre-order on the site INDIEGOGO.

The device operates on 4 AA batteries. The manufacturer claims that they will be enough for 1 year. Communicates with a smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi.

The castle consists of two parts:

The outer part of the round shape resembles a washer. On the front of the display and display. On it, the castle refers to the user, for example, “Welcome, John”. This unit closes a conventional keyhole. He leans back so you can access her.

In addition, there is a camera in this block, and you can receive photos of those who tried to open the door to your smartphone.

The inside of a smart device is more like a classic lock – rectangular with rounded corners. Doors open from a smartphone or a special Bluetooth remote control.

Keys can be sent to guests on their smartphones, they have a limited duration and you can cancel or change access settings whenever you want.



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This smart lock uses 256-bit AES encryption. It is produced by the OpenWays Group. The system works on Android and iOS, through Bluetooth 4.0.

In addition to controlling from a smartphone, a smart lock “understands” and RFID tags. You can configure the access schedule of each guest or tags to prevent their unauthorized arrival at an unauthorized time.

Labels can be applied on a key chain, plastic card or bracelet. Its cost, depending on the model and configuration, lies in the range of 180-350 dollars.

6. Prodigy SmartLock

Prodigy SmartLock

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In this era of technology, only Prodigy Smartlock is Keyless 2 Locks in 1 are available in the market. Using proprietary dual lock technology allows you to lock and unlock the connected latch (always locked) and a deadbolt with a single lifting edge from the inside or outside.

Sophisticated, modern, and heavy-duty design with advanced performance provides easy, uninterrupted access to your home using a highly responsive keyboard, with 12 keys arranged with up to 400 interchangeable user codes. No portable key is required to lock the door outside.

 The integration of heavy hardware and functional technology designed to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions, including passing the UL fire test for three hours, makes this lock impervious.

Robust, reliable mechanical and electronic components will not let you down. You can rely on fast openness, weather resistance, long-lasting durability, multiple user code settings, protection of user-resistant code, quick keypad response, low battery warnings, the safest cylinder waiting mode, and heavy construction.

You are easily installed in standard 1-3/4 doors with 2-3/8 ″ and 2-3/4 ″ adjustable backset. Once installed, set your empty user access codes on the key, and you’re ready to go. 4 AA batteries power the battery—long battery life of at least two years under normal operating conditions.

7. Schlage BE479AA V CAM 619 Deadbolt 

A smart lock that is compatible with Apple’s Home-Kit technology, and supports Siri control on apple technology. Also compatible with Samsung’s Smart-things.

 Schlage BE479AA V CAM 619

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Its cost is about 200 dollars. On the outside is a touchscreen with backlight and numeric keypad.

When you connect the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter, you can control the device from a smartphone running iOS or Android. And open doors from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

By the way, a notification about the low battery will come to you. As in previous devices, the application allows you to assign virtual keys for guests, and if they do not have smartphones with this application, they can enter the access code by typing from the keyboard.

8. Yale Assure Smart Lock

The doors open if you bring a smartphone and make a turn of your hand as if you are opening the lock with a regular key. Communication with the device via Bluetooth.

Yale Assure Lock SL

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The cost of this lock is 200-250 dollars, depending on the model and configuration. In addition to this method, the doors can be opened after entering the code through the touch panel with a keyboard.

It is located on the outside of the castle. It can cooperate with intelligent Z-wave systems and others through Zigbee protocols, there is compatibility with the Apple Homekit module.

9. Samsung SHS-H705-FMK Biometric

Samsung SHS-H705-FMK Biometric

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The cost of this lock is about 300 dollars and is powered by 8 finger batteries. It differs from previous models in that it has both a keyboard and a fingerprint scanner for access to the room.

Up to 100 prints can be stored in memory. After 5 unsuccessful attempts to open, both the touch panel and fingerprint sensor turn off for 3 minutes. In the photo below you see its complete set.

If the doors are opened 10 times a day, the batteries will last for 10 months of operation. In the case of battery discharge, emergency power is provided from a 9V “Krona” type battery.

Final Words

Smart Locks for Outdoor Gates as a type of consumer electronics are very entertaining. However, individually smart devices only look like interesting toys. At the same time, the system of the smart home as a whole causes admiration and genuine delight.

Back to Smart Locks for Outdoor Gates, To whom and how can they be useful?

If you rent an apartment, it will be convenient to receive payment by bank transfer and let customers in without a personal meeting with them.

It is possible to organize a simple system for controlling and controlling access to individual rooms (the so-called ACS) with the help of their offices and enterprises. Such a lock will simply add comfort to life in everyday life for ordinary users

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